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A Level Chemistry Tuition:

A Level Chemistry is precise, challenging ultimately reward winning courses that develop students in scientific skills and knowledge. It is having six units in full A-level- three at AS and three in A2. Four out of six are assessed by exams and the remaining two units are covered under internal assessments and holding practical knowledge will be marked. The internal assessment is having two routes one is the teacher-marked or AQA marked. The marked evaluation maintains the fair and balanced question paper and marks for students.

The aim of the Science Ventures is to make learning enjoyable and encourage students to more enthusiastic about studying chemistry. Studying chemistry gives excitement to the scholars to know about the surroundings chemical reactions been carried out every millisecond.

The A Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore facilitates with the qualified teacher and interactive sessions. The teachers gives them the clear specification structure to build the foundation that covers the concept of the chemistry been it organic or inorganic. The specifications that are challenging to allow creative teaching, facility of the online resources help students to be self learner.

The students enjoy the subjects by accepting the challenges and made them to think for different concepts and how their classes are progressive and hands on lab for practical knowledge. The interactive sessions of students and professor helps a lot to grab concepts faster. Many a times when students hesitate to discuss or having doubt in particular topic and don’t ask in the schools tuition helps them to resolve their doubts and carry their studies with successful results and securing good grades.

The Science Ventures aims at boosting the students knowledge and concepts thoroughly, making students to understand the concepts in better and innovative way, Increasing the students interest and conducting motivational classes at regular interval of time for maintaining the balance between the studies and not to get their interest lost. Helping the youth to recall the concepts during exams hour and days, by making their memory strong and help them to recall during the required time.

The focus of Science Ventures is on giving interactive classes making the lessons highly interesting and easy to learn the chemical formulas the chemical driven equations in every next paragraph of the subject.